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If you would like to adopt a "Barn" or "Shop" kitty, please click the barn icon.

Here at our rescue we are always happy to meet pet lovers! We have numerous cats and kittens, dogs and puppies, waiting to be adopted into their forever home.


We live in an area where there is a huge cat problem! We are continually seeking grant money to help community families with spay and neuter. 


Our dog problem is not nearly as HUGE as the cat problem, but we still get dogs and puppies every week that are strays, often abandoned to make it on their own, sometimes just lost because they have just moved to a new home with their owner. Whatever the reason, if they had identification they probably would get back home. Only 1 dog in 20 that we get has a collar and of those rarely is there any identification. You may think your dog or cat will never get lost, but you would be amazed! We have FREE tags with numbers with our phone number, when a pet gets lost someone calls our number and we look in our Pet Tag list and give you a call!  Most cities only keep dogs 3-5 days! It's very sad, but most smaller cities do not have a city animal facility, so they go to a vet or somewhere for 3-5 days to be boarded and if the owner is not found and the animal control person doesn't find somewhere for that dog to go, it is euthanized. 


But not at PRAR!  We are lucky as we have a wonderful Animal Control person in Priest River, she works with us to ensure the dogs are rarely euthanized. She also speaks to pet owners in the area about proper care, especially in winter, for their pets.


Our rescue/shelter is totally supported by the money brought in by Critters Thrift Store and our fundraisers we have every year. We receive NO Federal, State, County or City money.


If you are considering bringing in a new "4-legged member of the family" come see what we have to offer. While our pets are constantly updated on our website and social media pages, we still usually have some new pets that are not yet advertised but are available and you won't know unless you call or stop by. Seeing them on our pages gives you an idea of what the pet looks like, but in person you can tell so much more. We often have people come in to look at one particular cat or dog only to find that they fall in love with a totally different one!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Rescue!

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Rescue Adoption:

Tuesday-Saturday 11 am to 4 pm

Phone: (208) 448-0699

Fax: (208) 448-4666

Critter’s Thrift Store:

Tuesday-Saturday 11 am to 4 pm

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P.O. Box 1626

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5538 Highway  2

Priest River, ID 83856

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